Physical Therapy will help you when:

  • you suffer with lower back pain or sciatica
  • you have neck pain or have stiffness turning your head
  • your joints are stiff or painful
  • you have any clicking, popping or pain with movement
  • you suffer with any pain, injury or ailment that prevents you from working, playing sports, sleeping soundly  or doing any of the activities you enjoy to your fullest potential

Your VCM physical therapy experience:

  • A complete orthopedic evaluation, diagnosis and a treatment plan
  • Priority is fast pain relief and preventing injury recurrence
  • Treatment interventions that expedite and maximize healing
X-ray of Spine

Be prepared to:

Actively participate and commit to your physical therapy program. It is imperative to your success in injury recovery. The more you comply with your therapist’s advice, the faster you will see and feel results.
This includes completing your full plan of care. The more you do, the more we can do for you!

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