The color in ion foot baths is not changed from toxins coming out from your feet, analyzing these colors will not necessarily derive any conclusions. So don’t be fooled by the infomercials, all the debri and gross colored water, which could also be from the corrosion of the device itself after some use. The actual reason for the waters change in color is the reaction of already present compounds in the tap water you put in the bath with the salt that you add.


Now you’re probably wondering what the point is then, and if it is actually effective. Even though you cannot necessarily diagnose a patient by the color of the water, that does not mean the ion bath is not benefiting you in anyway. When looking for the benefits of the ion bath you need to directly observe the body and not the water. The main benefit of these baths is to “alkaline” the body, meaning to push the pH levels to a base line. Scientific analysis have been done on the urine of patients before and after a 30 minute treatment. They concluded that the negative ions produced in the bath do significantly lower the pH levels in the body, and the results can be seen for up to 48 hours.


An alkaline body is crucial to a person’s health. Diseases thrive in an acidic environment. So basically, the less acidic your body is and the more alkaline, the less prone you are to contracting a disease. What we put into our body, such as the foods we consume, have either acidic or alkalizing properties. The more of the higher alkaline foods you can incorporate into your diet the better. An ionic detox, helps to facilitate the alkalization process through the process of ionization, which removes “free radicals” from the body.

Physicians are seeking new approaches to treating pain but many remained concerned of increasing governmental scrutiny of their prescribing practices. The entry of cannabinoid medicines to the pharmacopeia offers a alternative approach to the issue of chronic pain management, although this creates new hope for many, it continues to stoke the flames of controversy among politicians and public alike. The use of CBD as an alternative way to treat has been on the rise. Prescription opioids are obviously the common pain relievers in the pharmaceutical world. Yet many people are trying to find ways to avoid the fact that the body becomes accustomed to the medication therefore needing more and more; often leading to opioid addiction which is a public dilemma of mass proportion in itself. Also many of these pharmaceuticals come with an array of side effects and health risks.


Chronic pain is usually characterized as discomfort exceeding 12 weeks, whereas acute pain usually is pain traced back to a conceivable injury. Although chronic pain often arises from an initial injury, like a sprain or weakness due to long term illness. Well-being issues such as fatigue, sleep disturbance and decreased appetite often accompany chronic pain.


What is CBD? It’s a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant, known as cannabinoid, although some may believe, it does not make you “high.” This is the effect triggered by another compound found in cannabis, called THC. Thus the potential of CBD as an effective pain management treatment is given precisely by the fact that it does not alter your state of mind. In other words, you can use the oil during the day without psychoactive effects.


What makes CBD oil so efficient when it comes to relieving pain? The secret lies in our own endocannabinoid system. Our body has special receptors that react to the presence of cannabinoid, but shockingly enough this system naturally produces cannabinoids which main purposes are pain reduction and overall well-being of the body. When this system does not function right it allows the opportunity for disease or discomfort to takeover the body. At this point clinical research for CBD has just begun and there is no sufficient proof in this sector, yet the results from the few laboratory and clinical tests that unrolled so far have been more than promising.


Don’t go by the name, there is nothing negative or unhealthy about negative ions. Negative ions are beneficial for the human body while positive ions are harmful. In fact, you will find the highest concentrations of negative ions in natural, clean air. Ions are invisible charged particles in the air – either molecules or atoms, which bear an electric charge. Some particles are positively charged and some are negatively charged. To put it simply, positive ions are molecules that have lost one or more electrons whereas negative ions are actually oxygen atoms with extra-negatively-charged electrons. Negative ions are abundant in nature, especially around waterfalls, on the ocean surf, at the beach and widespread in mountains and forests.


* They neutralize free radicals.

* They revitalize cell metabolism.

* They enhance immune function.

* They purify the blood.

* They balance the autonomic nervous system, promoting deep sleep and healthy digestion.


The most important benefit of negative ions is that they clear the air of airborne allergens such as pollen, mold spores, bacteria and viruses. Besides they also clear the air of dust, pet dander and cigarette smoke. Negative ions perform this function by attaching themselves to positively charged particles in large numbers and negatively charging those particles. As a result, these viruses, bacteria and pollen spores become too heavy to remain airborne and are thus prevented from entering your breathing passage where they can make you sick.

If you want to help a bruise heal more rapidly than it would if left unattended, you can apply a dose of topical Arnica to the affected area. Topical Arnica is usually best for skin bruises; however, homeopathic Arnica tablets can also be helpful. Arnica bruise ointment is available in many forms, including gel, cream, and even in a stick. Arnica is beneficial for a wide variety of minor injuries to the muscles, bones, and connective tissues. If your symptoms include bruising or if your injury is aggravated by movement, then homeopathic Arnica is likely to help. Arnica stimulates your body’s natural healing process, facilitating blood flow through the area, which helps to alleviate pain, reduce swelling, and reabsorb bruising. As long as your skin isn’t broken, you can apply Arnica topically in a cream or gel form. For internal aches and pains, you may see greater benefits if you take homeopathic Arnica in a pill or tablet form.

Inflammation is part of the body’s natural healing process. During injury or infection, the body releases chemicals to help protect it and fight off any harmful organisms. This can cause redness, warmth and swelling.Some foods, like sugar, can also cause inflammation in the body, which is normal.


 However, eating too many inflammatory foods may cause chronic low-grade inflammation. This can lead to serious health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and allergies. Human studies confirm the link between added sugar and higher inflammatory markers


A study of 29 healthy people found that consuming only 40 grams of added sugar from just one 375-ml can of soda per day led to an increase in inflammatory markers, insulin resistance and LDL cholesterol. Drinking sugary drinks and high sugar foods can spike inflammation levels. Moreover, this effect can last for a considerable amount of time, or lead to chronic illnesses.

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