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"After injuring my back, I was truly afraid I would have to change everything in my life. I even had to sleep in a lawn chair instead of my bed. But the wonderful staff at VCM dispelled my fears. Thanks to their expert care and encouragement, I am well on my way to being myself once more. Thank you for helping me get my life back!"
Chloe N.


"I had chronic neck spasms, pain and limited ROM before PT. Now I am enjoying a marked increase in ROM and a marked decrease of spasms and pain. After years of suffering with this problem the resolution of these symptoms is incredible! I feel like a new man in my ongoing recovery from a spinal
cord injury."
Domingo P.


"Gratitude satisfies my soul this morning. I have returned from my first one and a half mile walk with Chloe (my dog). We have been walking a Sheriffs Meadow Trail in the nearby woodlands lately. Please know I so appreciate being a patient of Vineyard Complementary Medicine because triumph is mine. In February of 2015, I was taken by helicopter to MGH after which I spent another month (so many months in the past three years) in Rehab.  However, thanks to Vineyard Complementary Medicine it was my last visit to the emergency room, my last stay at a rehab. I now take four medications not sixteen! I no longer need a walker or a cane while walking. I no longer have dangerous epidurals or go to the pain center because I have, with your help, significantly healed what I was told was not going to ever improve!"
Nica Fulk