Susan Sanford

Susan Sanford (President/CEO)
Licensed Physical Therapist
Licensed Acupuncturist
Diplomate of Acupuncture (Board Certified by The National Certification Commission on Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine)
Certified Sports Medicine Acupuncturist

Susan graduated from The University of Connecticut with a BS in Physical Therapy and from The New England School of Acupuncture with a Masters Degree in Acupuncture. Susan has over 24 years of physical therapy experience and earned her graduate level acupuncture degree that required over 2,500 hours of  education and clinical training. Additionally, Susan graduated from a 250 hour Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification, an advanced training combining Western Orthopedic Sports Medicine with Acupuncture and Chinese medicine. This elite training gives Susan the skills to help professional athletes, high school athletes or weekend warriors get back to their training and competitions quickly. Susan's special skill set is also invaluable for helping to resolve and manage difficult cases of sciatica, low back pain and arthritis and musculoskeletal injuries. Susan believes collaboration with other specialists is the key to success with physical medicine especially with low back pain and chronic pain and injuries.


Professional Affiliations:

Dukes County Health Council Member
DCHC Healthy Aging Committee Member
American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Member
APTA Private Practice Section Member
APTA Orthopedic Special Section
Vineyard Healthcare Access Advisory Board Member


Scott Savoie
Licensed Physical Therapist


My name is Scott Savoie. I've been working in Physical Therapy for almost 20 years. I graduated in 2000 from Lasell College with a duel degrees in Exercise Physiology and Physical therapy assistant. I also received my CSCS at this time. I then work for approximately 10 years in primarily Private outpatient settings as well as rehab hospitals.I then went back to graduate school and got a masters I health science and my doctorate in physical therapy. I then did two years in the institute of orthopedic manual therapy (IOMT) My treatment philosophy utilizes manual techniques, therapeutic exercise programs and patient education proper ergonomics to help patients avoid further injuries. In my spare time I like to compete in strongman and powerlifting meets, fishing and hunting and biking.


Krista Martin
Client Care Coordinator
Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified in Hot Stone therapy

Certified in Medical Tai Chi
Orthopedic Fitness Specialist


Kris plays a key role in the coordination of your care. Kris helps ensure your treatment plan gets optimal results and that you feel you get the best care possible. If you have any issues along the way Kris will assist you to get what you need. Kris also works integrally with the therapists by providing orthopedic fitness training as a transition from rehab to independent gym/exercise programs, nutritional guidance for healthy weight management and has advanced education in functional posture training. Kris is also trained in medical massage therapy, an advanced program for massage therapists to work collaboratively with medical professionals using massage therapy for injury and pain management.

Greig Andrews

Dr. Greig Andrews, DC
Licensed Chiropractor

Certified in Network Chiropractic

Dr. Greig has a deep passion of treating the physical ailments of his patients, but also addressing the emotional and spiritual connection with the body, has allowed his practice and skills to expand and develop over the years.

Dr. Greig enjoys seeing a wide variety of patients ranging from a newborn’s first day, to patients well into their 80’s and 90’s, and anyone in between. Along with providing chiropractic care, Dr. Greig also treats sports injuries, concussions, and focuses on the daily habits and routines of his patients to help give them a wide variety of care, specifically designed for them.



Ty Romijn
Licensed Acupuncturist

Ty Romijn is a licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Zero Balancer, as well as a T'ai Chi Ch'uan instructor. He is on the faculty of both the Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture and the Zero Balancing Health Association.

Zero Balancing is a hands-on Mind/Body Therapy, which frees up skeletal tension for both relief of symptoms and enhancement of movement. This therapy is great for rehabilitation from injury and trauma and is often referred to as "Structural Acupressure".

T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Chi Kung are meditative movements utilizing both the mind and body to facilitate healing and integration.

In the healing arts profession for over two decades, Ty brings his various trainings together to meet you, the client, before him. His understanding of both the Eastern Acupuncture meridians and Western musculoskeletal system supports you in healing both energetically and structurally. Working with Acupuncture and Bodywork allows Ty to address both organ dysfunction and musculoskeletal issues in the same session.

T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Chi Kung - meditative movement utilizing the mind and body to facilitate healing

and integration.

His additional skill sets include:

    • Five Element Acupuncture
    • Japanese Akabani treatment
    • Korean Aggressive energy treatment
    • Chinese Five Element Acupuncture treatment
    • Exit/Entry meridian treatment
    • Transfers between meridians
    • Clearing both internal and external pernicious influences
    • Spirit of points

Barbra Smith
Front Desk Administrative Support

Start your journey at Vineyard Complementary Medicine by speaking with our joyful front desk manager, Barbra. Barbra is always happy to speak with you about your therapy and scheduling needs…and pretty much anything else. Barbra is a mother of three and grandmother to four (her pride and joy). Additionally, Barbra has been a Reiki Master for five years. She enjoys traveling, gardening, honing her Crystal Energy skills and making homemade Reiki infused bath salts.

De Carey

De Carey
Collections Manager

De brings 20+ years experience in the medical billing and collections field. De acts as the liaison for our patients, the practitioners and the insurance companies. De also helps with all our licensing and credentialing for staff and insurances. Prior to joining VCM, De worked for the Vineyard Nursing Association.